The inception of AFFILIATE MARKETING PROFIT KIT comes from the life mission of CPA IN MOTION AND POLLS EMPIRE. We wanted to create a hub and community where serious individuals who wanted to control their financial destiny and learn how they can start their online venture starting from zero.

We believe with the right education and training, anyone who has little to no experience can start building an online business they’ve dream of. We want to become your inspiration. We want to provide you with all the resources you need to take you first step forward.

In life, nothing is impossible. The only thing setting you back is yourself.

John Bolívar and his entire team at CPA in Motion and Polls Empire will provide all the training, resources and education you need to get started from building, growing, and scaling your business.


However, in order for you to start becoming a successful online entrepreneur, you have to take what you learn from Affiliate Marketing Profit Kit into action.

We truly believe in every single person who takes our education seriously. We know that anyone can build an online business and embrace financial freedom even if you are starting from zero.



Chapter 1   How to Pick the Right Niche

Chapter 2   Become a Niche Affiliate First

Chapter 3  Find Your Niche Competitors and Reverse Engineer Their Model

Chapter 4   Reverse Engineer Your Competitors' Content Strategy

Chapter 5   Getting traffic the smart way

Chapter 6   Master free traffic before spending a dollar on paid traffic

Chapter 7   Optimize your conversion system for maximum income

Chapter 8   Optimize your content for maximum conversions

Chapter 9   Optimize your affiliate programs to maximize conversions

Chapter 10 How to build a multi-layered passive income affiliate marketing system