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Magic and Marketing: A Historical Relationship

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

.We will hardly find the words "magic" and "marketing" in the same sentence. The reason? The two seem to be completely opposite, but this concept is about to change. We know that magic is a spectacle that captivates emotions and turns real events that totally lack human logic. Furthermore, marketing is a profession of strategy, analytics, hard data, and more.

So how can the two be related? You can see it from two points: you are a marketer who knows the magic of providing a good user experience; Or you're a party magician who captivates your audience with well-developed tricks.

It seems simple, but it is impressive to see how magic and marketing have been together throughout history. Even, both have been before the eyes of many and few have noticed it. Therefore, we have gone through history to show you the good relationship that magic and marketing have.

Disney: The Origin of Everything

Over the years many have tried to connect with the public through magic, but only one has managed to captivate young and old: Disney. The cartoon giant managed to connect with an entire generation and today, after more than 20 years, it still holds the attention of an entire family.

How Did Disney Reach So Many People?

We are sure that this achievement did not happen overnight. Even, history reveals to us that its creator, Walt Disney, had different failures before achieving the resounding success that it enjoys today.

Walt Disney strove to create fantasy worlds that entertain viewers and lead them to dream of a similar experience. Years later, without having any skills as a park, architecture or engineering designer, he dared to make these fantasies come true in his stories, allowing his followers to experience what they had always dreamed of.

In the end, all the magic of Disney, both in its stories and movies and in its theme, parks reside in the experience it offers its followers. These are captivated with incredible stories and then offer them the possibility of making those stories come true through their theme parks.

The Boy Who Survived

If at any time you saw or read any of J.K. Rowling, then you know we are talking about Harry Potter. Never has a story of magicians had so much influence on people's lives as the adventures of three young people who, in their eagerness to learn magic, end up saving the world.

What we do not know is that each of its characters has a magical influence that manages to capture even the most disinterested in this film genre. As it does? There are different points that can be analyzed to understand how Harry Potter trapped an entire generation for more than 10 years.

A Quality Product

Yes, Harry Potter is a product and boy was it good! In general, a bad product can only be sold up to a certain limit since, by not satisfying consumers, sales decrease and everything will end. In the case of this magical story, each book and film published brought with it an innovative effect that caught its followers.

Emotional Connection

For Harry Potter to become a world-class phenomenon, it was necessary to touch and connect with the emotions of the public. This could only be achieved only by working the ‘golden feelings’ of his followers: security, stability and sustainability.

Word Of Mouth Recommendation

Although it seems hard to believe, the best advertising is that made by consumers themselves because it is much more effective and completely free. If we were to ask 100 people how they knew the Harry Potter story, many of them will tell you that someone else told them the story and how fantastic it was.

Today the internet exponentially expands the capacity of word of mouth recommendation. Something can go viral in seconds and many may like it or be rejected. J.K. Rowling realized that allowing her fans to chat about her books on the internet helped them build brand and was much more beneficial to them.

Magic And Mystery

If Harry Potter was characterized by something, it is to leave a gap of uncertainty in his viewers about the events that are to occur. This technique was applied not only in movies, but also in trailers, filtering information in minimal but precise amounts.


Once Harry Potter loyalty to his followers through an emotional bond, it was necessary to keep this relationship intact. To do this, they always met the expectations of the public during each interaction. They always analyzed the situation before executing new initiatives to stay consistent and strengthen brand promise. An example of this was the non-inclusion of the popular magician and other characters in McDonald’s Happy Box.

How To Do Magical Marketing?

History shows us many examples of people who managed to connect magic and marketing, but how can we complement both? Although there is no magic recipe, there are three points that will allow you to do it.

Aim For Emotions

On the Internet you will find an infinity of research that shows how consumers tend to buy a service or product based on emotions. The best way to do this is not by talking about the functionalities or qualities of the product, but by showing them the benefits of acquiring it.

Connect With The Consumer

At some point you will have seen the video of Steve Jobs' speech at Stanford (if you have not seen it, I'll leave it below), where he touches a key point: "life is about connecting dots". That is, in marketing, the magic is in making that product that you are promoting go in accordance with a moment in the daily life of the consumer.

Befriend The Mystery

Magicians are adept at creating uncertainty when performing their tricks. This makes viewers eager to know what actually happened during the magic act. The same thing happens in marketing, you always have to leave something to the consumer's imagination. Create expectations about what can happen because that encourages word of mouth advertising.

Finally, marketing and magic are tools that, well applied, can give your startup the takeoff you are looking for.

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